Thursday, July 12, 2007

NASA Aerospace Institute - Day 9: VVVIP tour day! In the morning we worked in teams to put together our own rocket launchers (very cool), watched a power point on the makeup and design of the space shuttle, and then got the once-in-a-lifetime, top security tour of the NASA facilities. The highlight of the day was when we entered a vehicle assembly building, not knowing what we'd expect to see; and, when I looked up, saw that I was just a few feet underneath the Discovery space was AWESOME! After asking millions of questions of the engineer on duty, we then visited the engine assembly room and learned even more incredible facts and figures. By the end of the day our heads were swirling with numbers, but we were all on cloud nine!
Today's factoid: Go to to find the answers to just about any aerospace questions. At this website you can also link on to NASA TV, which not only has many educational shows on throughout the day but also offers live coverage of most current events worth viewing (shuttle ventures, satellite launches, the International Space Station activities, etc).

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