Wednesday, July 11, 2007

NASA Aerospace Institute - Day 3: This day was dedicated to workshops "revolving around" the solar system. If you do an Internet search on NASA's Hubble Telescope you'll be able to see some incredible photos of deep space, which show thousands upon thousands of galaxies! Once you realize what a minuscule part of the universe we have explored to date, it is almost unfathomable to imagine all the future possibilities that await mankind's discovery. As a final treat we got to experience 3 g's, on a vertical tilt, at the new Shuttle Launch Simulation Facility; which astronauts say gives a very realistic experience of what it feels like to be launched in the shuttle. Oh, and we saw a live alligator along the way!

Today's factoid: Most people think that there is no gravity when astronauts float in the shuttle when, in reality, there is simply LESS gravity; because the Earth's pull is still in effect. True weightlessness can never be achieved aboard the shuttle, but it's so small that the astronauts can't feel it's force.

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