Sunday, February 5, 2012

Last day: SEEC conference at the Johnson Space Center

The final day at the Space Exploration Educators Conference was phenomenal! It began with a hands-on Mission Control workshop that gave many educational ideas for hands-on learning, as well as made connections to the highly-creative thinking that was part of Apollo 13's amazing landing. As an appropriate follow-up, that day's keynote speaker was a personal hero of mine, Gene Krantz; the lead Flight Director of Apollo 13 who, despite unbelievable odds, brought the crew home safe and sound (Ed Harrison played his part in the Apollo 13 movie). I was given the gift of hearing him speak from his personal experience, for an entire hour, just 2 meters in front of me. It was captivating and, to top it off, he enthusiastically answered my personal question: What teacher most inspired you, and why (see video)? Better yet? He thanked me, twice, for giving him a patch from our own Ecuadorian Civilian Space Agency (EXA) and kept it in his pocket for safe keeping. I am on cloud nine!

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